Tuesday, August 04, 2015

The Re-entry

Second day of school.  I have a fun crew of new Thirdlanders.  They really are energetic and sweet natured.  We are probably meant for each other because they keep telling their parents stories that basically are not true.  One parent thanked me for bringing in doughnuts on the first day.  That never happened.  And then today when I was talking about how my book club book isn't a really good fit book for me because I don't love it, they asked me the title.  I told them, "It's called The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay."

About half of them yelled out, "I've read that!  It's really good!"  Come on people.  Do you even know who you're talking to when you spout this nonsense?

Anyway, I love them already and they seem fairly crazy about me.  So life is good. Here's the small hiccup that's happening right now.  Husbandman is on a plane heading to China.  He'll be in China and then he'll be in Japan.  I won't see him for 18 days.  This is going to be tough stuff.  I'm basically alone.  And somewhat forlorn. And really tired.  But it's all going to be okay.


mm said...

Wow! You're already back at school. I can't wait to hear more stories about the Thirdlanders.

BTW- Maybe it was a hint for you to bring doughnuts.

jdoc said...

Welcome back, Thirdlanders. I have missed the stories about you!

Mrs. Guinn (a.k.a. Mandie) said...

Wish you could have my little thirdlander. He would adore you. Do you have Lennon, by chance?

Anonymous said...

Safe travels to Peter!!!

KC said...

Good job, Lee! You're back, and you're the best!!