Sunday, August 09, 2015

The Pal

So yesterday was kind of nice because I did some dog sitting and then I went out to dinner with Nancer, Kevin and Caleb.  We laughed and chatted as we are wont to do.  Suddenly a mysterious woman from another table approached us.  She looked at Nancer and said, "I'm from New York. I work in the fashion industry.  I'm a fashion stylist.  I want to tell you that you are stunning.  You are stunning." 

Nancer graciously thanked the mysterious woman and then the mysterious woman disappeared, probably never to be seen again.  After that we all talked about how stunning Nancer is and how she shouldn't move to NY because we would all miss her too much.  Nancer said, "I want this on the blog!" 

After I left this fine family, I went to see The Gift.  It's a good movie but when I came home to my empty house I had some strong fears and freakings. I hoped that no one would kill me during the night. Then I got into bed and miraculously fell asleep. Luckily, come to find out, I woke up this morning alive and well.  I give this movie a 5 on the fist of 5 because it's a terrifying film with kind of a sad ending that will haunt your dreams.  See it if you feel like it.


Indiana Rock on a California Roll said...

I, too, am a fashion stylist in New York, and I think your blog is stunning.

Anonymous said...

Let's all admit it, Nancy is stunning and the blog is stunning as well.

KC said...

I'm laughing so hard. Of course Nancy is gorgeous. She's one of my faves. And, I'm so glad you weren't murdered in your sleep.

Sandy Lewis said...

Ditto, Nancy and the blog are both stunning! I'm so happy I get to see Nancy so often this year...not happy for the reason I have to be there, but happy to see her stunning smile!