Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Writing

Oliver Sachs died and I've spent some time this morning reading through his obituary and some of his NYT pieces.  Oliver Sachs really loved to write.  I'm inspired by him today.  I'm going to lighten up on myself about my writing project and bring a renewed curiosity to the work.

I've been balking about the latest revision requests because I've been asked to include more "nuts and bolts" in the proposal.  Don't people know that I hate "nuts and bolts?"  I'm a big picture kind of gal.  Not detail oriented.  But here's the thing.  2 external reviewers looked over the proposal and mostly liked it.  And both wanted more specific suggestions for implementing the approach. So I'm going to be open minded and generous and get to work thinking of specific management ideas that could help imaginary readers.  I've got a few ideas percolating, so wish me luck. Today is a writing day.  I may avoid the school site altogether.  That would be so weird not to go to school on the weekend.  I've worked both Saturday and Sunday for the 4 weeks we've been in school so far.  Not proud of this fact, but the beginning of the year is full of pesky details that must be attended to, and details are not my forte (see above) so they take me extra time.

I've told you I love Norman Fischer's book, Taking Our Place:  The Buddhist Path to Truly Growing Up. Today I read his thoughts on generosity.  He figured out years ago that his work time could never be compensated the way it should be so he had kind of a fun way of thinking about work:

I realized that no one could afford to pay me what my time was actually worth. So I decided to consider myself a wealthy person, and to imagine that I was working for free, simply donating my labor.  When my check came at the end of the month, I regard it as a donation, a gift freely given.  Since then I have always applied this practice of working for nothing, receiving my compensation as if it were a gift. 

I think I'm going to do this too from now on.  So today, in honor of Oliver Sachs (and you too Norm) I'm enjoying the writing and listening to the revision suggestions with an open mind and gentle heart.  Here we go, Peeps.  Here we go.

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KC said...

I disagree with the stupid outside reviewers.