Monday, August 31, 2015

The Duo

2 Things:

My mom is having a small surgical procedure on her heart today.  I am hoping this procedure can help with her racing heart rate and shortness of breath.  The doctor said this procedure probably will help.  Let's everyone cross fingers today please.

I signed up for a graduate student's study so tomorrow I am going to the library after school to talk about educational policy and reform.  It was all sounding pretty interesting, but then the grad student wrote me this weekend that she was bringing "yummy snacks."  Just the term "yummy snacks" made me want to drop out of the study group.  What the hell is wrong with people?  Now I'm filled with anger and I can't shake it off.  Thanks, Condescending Grad Student.

Okay, actually three.  We've been watching a panda cam because the panda at the National Zoo had 2 babies a week ago.  Sadly, one died.  Here's the thing though.  There's a mouse running around the panda cage.  The Zoo people wrote a message on the site that says they're having trouble keeping rodents out of the cages at the National Zoo. Can't someone figure this problem out?  The zoo people say the mouse isn't bothering the panda, but I beg to differ.  In short, I'm disappointed with the National Zoo right now.


nancy reynolds said...

I am ignoring the yummy snacks comment and gearing up for a nice conversation. We can do this!

KC said...

I'm laughing at the yummy snacks comment. I want to know if they were actually yummy.