Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Vieux

I walked all over Vieux Montreal yesterday in the rain.  I rode the metro, saw an exhibit about the Montreal Expos, walked through courtyards and took pictures of old stone buildings. I walked along the canal and saw the locks and took a picture of a statue of Jean Drapeau.  Jean was mayor for quite awhile here.  He did some good things, but he lost about 1 billion dollars on the Olympics due to some serious mismanagement. The city's finally paid up that big debt. Charles Dickens stayed in Montreal at the Hotel Rasco while he was directing and performing in his play at a theater across the street.  His wife came with him and also performed, which is good news, because he later ended his marriage in a shameful way.  I also learned about Marguerite Bourgeoys, but we'll save her story for another day.  Husbandman needs to take his computer off to the conference now.
Anyway, c'est tout bien here in Montreal.  Today I venture out again.

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Judy Williams said...

What a beautiful area of the city. Thanks for sharing.

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