Saturday, July 08, 2017

The Mighty Brother

Mighty Brother just left the Hoosier state for Iowa City.    We saw 2 out of 3 of their Hoosier shows, at the Eiteljorg Museum and at the Back Door.     As you know, we love Mighty Brother because they're all sweet guys who sing amazing original songs.  Also, their bassist is #1 Son and he's just a ton o' fun.

They are packed into a mini-van in a way that worries me, but, like true artists, they're willing to make sacrifices for their art.

The best news is that we are going to a Mighty Brother show in San Francisco on August 1.


cb said...

Great photos! Their songs are really good. Cannot wait for their show at Hotel Utah.


mm said...

Iowa City is a cool town. I hope the folks are great audience members. Yay for San Fran show!

KC said...

This will be great - I can't wait for a full Mighty Brother road report.

Judy Williams said...

Mighty Brother! Mighty Brother! Mighty Brother!

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