Wednesday, January 04, 2017

The Minutiae

This is a good week.  Busy, but good.  Husbandman and I are working on our projects, Every day we eat lunch at a local eatery.  Every evening we see a film.

Last night we saw Why Him?  Not good but go ahead and see it if you want. Tonight it will be Fences.  Tomorrow Moonlight.

I went in to the compound for an hour or so today.  I have to collect a ton of work samples for the book.  I wish I had been more organized as I worked on the book, but there's no point looking back.  I'm just going to take the next right action tomorrow and hunt through hundreds of pieces of paper to find the originals of the work samples I need to send to the publisher.  I've told you before that I'm a big picture kind of person and can't be bothered getting bogged down in minutiae.  I wish my publisher could understand this about me. Minutiae puts me in kind of a bad mood.


KC said...

I think it must be a good sign that you're looking for samples and sending to publisher. Progress! Onward! I'm proud of yo!

mm said...

I'm not a movie person, but I do want to see Fences.

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