Monday, November 26, 2012

Fall 2012 #49: The Curse

I don't know what was up with the condiment line today, but about a million kids were in line to get pickles, mayo, french, ranch and/or ketchup.  Why do we offer condiments?  Back in my day, there were no condiments.  I ran over to help at one point, rolling sporks into napkins and placing them on trays as I ran down the eternal line of kids.  A little guy asked me, "Is this how you used to do it at Taco Bell?" Kind of nice that the kid remembers deets from my bio.
       Problems in the condiment line segued into problems with spillage. I had to help quite a few kids pick up their fruit salads from the floor which is not pleasant at all.  As I was on the ground with one little gal picking up chopped fruit, I inquired, "What happened here?"
       That's when she told me about the curse of the lunchroom.  "I was trying so hard not to spill it and then I just spilled it."  Damn you lunchroom!


mm said...

I'm certain to quite certain that there really is a curse of the lunchroom. Stay strong.

jdoc said...

Could you write another article about a lunchroom? I really liked the first one. Actually, there's a whole book in that room. The Curse of the Lunchroom. Good title.

KC said...

I hated when I had to do lunch duty for like two weeks a year. I really feel for you that this is an everyday thing.

Sarah said...

I think this was one of the days I was picking kids up for lunch with me, and I was thinking there was no way that line was going to work...

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