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Ana Teresa Fernandez

I was reading over an old notebook this morning and I came across this comment, "I always think I don't like things, and then I do."  In other words, my negative thinking can't always be trusted and perhaps should be avoided altogether. Here are some examples of negative thinking I've encountered in myself and others recently.

Example 1: Yesterday I was talking to a woman who was about to go on a coffee date with someone she met on line.  She was super nervous about it. The poor gal kept talking about how she had worked hard to style her hair and it just looked stupid and there was nothing she could do about it at this point.  I personally felt her hair looked fine and I told her so.  Maybe they'll hit it off and have that rare, but often pleasant, second date? Anything's possible.

Example 2:   I keep getting an email notification from my school district telling me that I'm way past due for watching the informational video about Slips, Trips and Falls.  I keep avoiding this obligation because I don't want to spend 30 minutes of my precious time clicking a screen as I listen to people talking about slips, trips and falls.  But let's face it.  It's not that big a deal and maybe I'll learn something that could save my life one day.

Example 3:  On Friday I thought I was going to jump off a bridge because the Thirdlanders had indoor recess for the zillionth day in a row and I was starting to freak out about the noise level and  the chaos, but then I just endured it and time passed and it was over.  I didn't enjoy it, but recess ended and I lived to tell the tale. 

So I've shared 3 examples of the importance of avoiding negative expectations.  Now I will share a haiku I wrote on January 9:

Leaf walking along
I turn it over to see
Slug waving hello


mm said…
Indoor recess has to be the worst... I can't imagine. our walking kids lost it when the bus kids were dismissed 15 minutes early
LH said…
MM, Did you like my haiku or not?
Unknown said…
I liked it.
Unknown said…
LH said…
Thanks, Rosalyn! I'm sure MM liked it as well, probably!
kc said…
The haiku was a big highlight! The indoor recess, not so much. Also, a tip with the slips, trips, and falls.... just hit play in one browser tab and then go and do something else. The questions are so easy, you can pass without watching.
LH said…
Okay, I'll try it this afternoon. I have a slew of pesky tasks like this one that have built up. So today's my day to knock 'em down.

Happy WRiter's Wednesday, Pals.
Anonymous said…
solid haiku. I pulled books from the library shelves for a project while "listening" to my s,t, and falls pd. super easy.
jdoc said…
Are there so many slips, trips, and falls that PD is needed? And required? What a world.

The haiku is a gem.

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