Saturday, April 29, 2017

The May Bee

Maybe I'll blog every day in May.  Maybe I'll blog about the maybes that are rolling and roiling today and every day.

   Lately I'm wondering about this beautiful old blog.  Maybe it's run its course, gotten repetitive and predictable.  The amazing comedian, Michelle Wolf was at Comedy Attic a few weeks ago.  I loved her set, except for her attack on bloggers. She said that blogging was like having a conversation with yourself that no one wants to hear about.  She said that not even your computer wants to listen to your blog entry. She singled alittleleeway out in particular, reading several blog entries aloud. The audience groaned as she read.  Rats, I thought, fighting back tears.  Those were some of my favorite entries.

Maybe I have to accept that this blog is not only inconsequential, but in the age of evil Trump, my attempts at amusing distraction might actually be frivolous, self indulgent, even complicit?

Maybe I'm just down on writing because stupid NCTE rejected my convention proposal and now I won't be speaking about my book to handfuls or pairs of interested teachers. Guess what NCTE?  You're dumb and I hate you.

Maybe I need to get myself to a good old fashioned blog bee to get back to what really counts, which is remembering that this blog is one of the best blogs around. And that I'm free to write whatever I want whenever I want because this is still a free country. To hell with Michelle Wolf, Trump and NCTE. You mean nothing to me. (Except for you, Michelle Wolf.  I actually like you a lot so your words about blogs really stung.  Just FYI).

  Join me if you want.  The May Bee begins on May 1.  All you have to do is blog one or more sentences every day in May. You have to start and end each blog post with the word "MAYBE" or include the word maybe somewhere in the blog post.  It could be fun.  Maybe not, but maybe.


Mary Moeller said...

Yes, yes, yes, I need this too!! Your blog is amazing. I like it a lot.

LH said...

Hoorah. Bloggin' bee coming Up

Anonymous said...

This. Is. Crazy. Talk. Period. I look forward to reading this blog. I need it too.


lee said...

Thanks, Judith. I'm recommitting myself to leeway.

and btw, please come home soon.

Anonymous said...

Frankly, I couldn't make it without this blog . Maybe you should just blog forever . Don't stop please!

LH said...

Thanks, Nancer. What do you think of this new layout????

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