Friday, April 07, 2017

The Comments

Well, the book covers arrived yesterday.  The same cover comes in 3 different colors.  I think I like the green one best.  I'm going to ask The Thirdlanders what they think.  As usual, I'm hesitant to decide.  In short, I like them all.

The book title is surrounded by brief statements that an editor might make to a writer.  These have been put in there just as place holders.  I have to replace these with new statements this weekend.  Husbandman, ever helpful, thinks that comments like, "Rubbish!" and "What is this monkey business?"  should be added to the cover.  I wonder what the team would think if I sent them a cover full of rude comments for kids?  Too bad it's not April Fools Day any more.  That could have been a good prank.  PSYCHE!


KC said...

The bad comments are making me laugh. Are you f*&king kidding me?! and Give me a break!

Anonymous said...

When Lee shared the book covers with me she forgot to mention that she would be changing the comments. It was an uncomfortable moment or two until she told me those comments were there as placeholders. The covers are beautiful!

mm said...

I am a fan of, "Rubbish."