Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Worms

A Thirdlander asked me yesterday to help her with worm rescue during recess.  There was a puddle on the blacktop, brimming with writhing worms. The Thirdlander said, "When this puddle dries up, these worms will die.  Let's move them."  Luckily I had a pencil with me and come to find out, a pencil is an excellent tool for moving a worm.  We moved all the worms.  There were probably a couple dozen.  I wonder if those worms made it. The Thirdlander asked me on one of our last runs, "What do you think about what we're doing?  Do you think this is a good way to spend recess?"  I told her I was glad some of the worms might live, but I definitely wasn't having the time of my life.  She seemed okay with that.  Come to find out, worms have small brains.  They're probably doing the best they can.If you get a chance, rescue a worm today.


Indiana Rock on a California Roll said...

There's something about a worm that I just love!

LH said...

This is what I don't get about worms though. They get out of the dirt in a rain storm because
they don't want to drown, but then they end up hanging out in a puddle????

It doesn't make sense.I'm going to have to make some time for some worm inquiry this weekend.

i really don't have the time this is going to require.

mm said...

Adorable! You are the best!!!

Anonymous said...

When I was little I used to walk the sidewalks after it rained looking for worms that were "beached" and moving them back to the dirt. It's important work.

KC said...

That was above and beyond of you to help. On recess duty, I like to sit there and maybe chat with the other supervisor.