Monday, March 13, 2017

The Finale

Will the Bachelor find the love he's been looking for?  Or will he find heartbreak?

It's been an incredible journey.

When you marry someone, you also marry their family.  No Husbandman here tonight, but I'm with my mom and my sister watching Nick's quest for love.

We're watching Raven right now.  Mom says, "Look at how fake her eyelashes look!"

"But do you think they're beautiful?"  I ask because Raven's eyelashes are quite remarkable, in my opinion.

Younger Sister says, "No, they look stupid. I'm sure it's an eyelash weave.  I know someone who paid 600 dollars for an eyelash weave and they started bothering her after awhile and she pulled them all out.  What an idiot."

Sister thinks Vanessa is also a "fake eyelash girl."

I think Nick's grown up a lot over this season and I sincerely hope things work out for him this time.


Anonymous said...

Your mom watched Bachelor with you? She is one nice lady!

KC said...

Fake eyelashes are a thing. I've thought about getting them, but I've decided to go for self-acceptance instead.

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