Friday, March 17, 2017

The Bobble

We got to watch #1 Son with Mighty Brother in the recording studio yesterday.  Mighty Brother has the best songs. Their recording work fascinated me. I'm probably going to take some classes in sound engineering soon.  We walked down Magazine Street to Audubon Park and watched the live oaks and the birds.  A kid walked by us carrying a bobble head doll.  As he passed us, he asked his doll, "Am I your best friend?" I looked around for his family and they were there, just trailing behind.  We sauntered over to St. Joe's Bar for a drink on the patio.   Then off to dinner with #1, the best son in the land.


mm said...

I think I need a bobble head doll.

LH said...

I think I do too!

The Clickiness

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