Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Chilling

When you get a 3 day, you've got some extra options.  You can chillax on the first day of the three day because you don't need to prove anything to yourself about how you have an interesting life.  You can sit by a fire and read a book without feeling like time's a'wastin' and so is your life.  Today was low key.  I did chip away at one of my many small jobs for the book that's coming out in August that I wrote, but mostly, we just sat around like idle noodles, spinning our wheels.  I spent some time wondering about TwentySomething and #1 Son. I wanted to text and ask them what they were doing, but I fear that gets annoying when I do it more than 4 to 5 times in a week. I'll wait til tomorrow.   Now we're heading to Bloomington's own Comedy Attic to hear Moses Storm.  I have high hopes for that young man.  He said on social media that this is his first time in our cool town.  Maybe we'll invite him over for bagels in the morning.  At any rate, it's no secret to anyone that the Three Day is  a marvel.  There's just no denying.

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mm said...

I think he'd prefer donuts to bagels. I know I would.

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