The News

Good news:  I finished that book I've been writing for over 3 years.  I finished it this morning.
Bad news:  Soon it will go to the editor and she'll say to revise it more, but let's just focus on the good news right now.
More Good news:  We're going to dinner with #1 Son tonight.
Bad news:  He's going back to New Orleans tomorrow. Rats.
Good news:  This week is Banned Book Week.  I like talking about Banned Book Week with the Thirdlanders.
Bad news:  People ban books.  Think it through, Book Banners.
Good news:  I took this excellent photo of a hawk this morning.
Bad news:  I'm not sure what kind of hawk it is, but I think it's a broad winged hawk.  I'm bad at hawk identification.


mm said…
I like all of your good news and don't like any of your bad news, except I think you're right about the hawk.
nancy reynolds said…
Book completion is amazing and wonderful news!!! Edit-shmedit. Ferrrrgit abowt it! Piece of cake compared to the effort you have put in! Super jazzed, and having Q home to celebrate with is awesome! Sounds like a fabulous weekend! Yeah-rah! You know I'm cheering with you!
cb said…

The laws of physics prove that good news, especially, but not limited to book-finishing news, beats bad news.

That hawk photo is fantastic as is all the other good news. But, really, congratulations on the book. I hope you have been doing the book dance all over your home. No one will ever ban your book. Or they will have to answer to me and many others.

Sandy Lewis said…
Amazing job finishing the book. For now, you did your best! Forget the rest!
Anonymous said…
Just incredible. Pump those fists in the air and then do a Will move. Congrats!!!
mar said…
Way to go Lee! I'm so proud of you! Hope to see you soon too.
KC said…
I'm sorry. Finished the BOOK?! That's what I call a BOO-YA!

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