The Miracle

Mitzker's going to Israel soon and I've been trying to think all morning of the name of this restaurant. 20 Something ate there with us when she visited us in Israel. Is it near Megiddo?  It doesn't matter.  There are so many beautiful places to visit there that missing this one won't be a game changer.  But I still wish I could remember.

Yesterday was a busy day in Room 200.  I'm not sure why, but the Thirdlanders were quite active all afternoon and some might even describe them as rambunctious.  They're 8 so we're going to chalk it up to Friday Frenzy and move on. We got through the afternoon and left the school site for greener pastures.  When I got to Kathala's house, I hopped out of my car, ready for some fun and friendship.  Imagine my surprise when I noticed my phone contentedly sitting on the roof of my car.  I guess I put it there when I was putting my backpack in the backseat and then just drove happily away.  It's nothing short of a miracle that my phone was still there after the drive.  It's also a testament to slow driving, which is the way I roll.  I wonder if my phone enjoyed the ride, kicking back on top of the car, gazing at the clouds and blue skies overhead.  Don't get used to it, Phone.  Sorry Charlie, but you're on a tight leash for awhile.


joy Heffernan said…
Miracles and good old fashioned luck. The winning combination!
mm said…
Your phone must love being with you. Maybe it doesn't need a short leash.
I love the way you write and the story. Your phone is crazy about you!
Judy Williams said…
Your phone now has a taste of freedom. What next?
kc said…
I feel like I already wrote a comment. This happened to me once. This time:

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