Tuesday, May 03, 2016


This week we have some toothpicks and a tape measure.  Such a fun little combo.

It puts me in the mind of making something.  I was thinking of having The Thirdlanders build some tiny houses with popsicle sticks, but I don't want to use hot glue guns.  Come to find out, Julie says there are low temp glue guns that work very well.  Not sure this is worth the time and energy, but who knows?  Maybe Julie can come in and sit with kids and make tiny houses every day.  Julie, What say you???


Julie said...

I could do that. How many days will you be building tiny houses?

Julie said...

Julie said...

This does not look all that easy, my friend. What if they built tiny houses out of cardboard? Or...math practice...drew tiny houses to SCALE on graph paper? If you decide on popsicle sticks, however, I've got your back.

LH said...

I'm going to think about the cardboard houses. We could use masking tape.

Woman, you are a genius.

I'll keep you posted. Who knows if I'll even end up doing this????

I can never wrap things up!!!!

nancy reynolds said...

What about building one as a hw choice?

LH said...

No more homework. We'll figure something out..