Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Kentucky Warbler

I'm pretty sure I saw a Kentucky Warbler yesterday.

A welcome sight after a busy week.

We have two more days of school. Ending the school year is hard because not every kid finishes projects at the same time and I don't want to create new projects with just 48 hours left but I end up creating new projects anyway because I hate to see Thirdlanders not engaged in something interesting.  This, in short, is my Waterloo.

The Thirdlanders have been much more sentimental about summer coming than I would have thought.

When we finished our handwriting books this week, I told the Thirdlanders to put the books in their backpacks and take them home. A Thirdlander shouted,  "Hooray!"  Then another Thirdlander said, "Don't say Hooray because it will make Dr. Heffernan really sad thinking about how much she's going to miss all of us."

Never a super affectionate group, I've been receiving unexpected awkward hugs from some of these little rascals as well as some amazing little notes. GeezLouise, Come to find out, I AM really sad about leaving the Thirdlanders. It doesn't seem real yet because we will be pushing through portfolio work tomorrow (Penultimate Day) like nobody's business.  But then Tuesday will come and our Field Day and our Publishing Parties.  And then good bye. This is the teacher's path and follow it I must. Thanks for a great year, Thirdlanders.  Love 2 U, Future Fourthies!


mm said...

I'm glad you're getting hugs from the Thirdlanders. Middle school is not as sweet. "Are you being horrible, so I'm glad that you will be gone soon," I exclaimed (or something like that) down the hall the other day. The students nodded and laughed in agreement.

KC said...

This is sweet! I too am having a good end with my sixers. They've been swell and by far the best part of the year. If it could just be kids, it would be awesome.

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