Friday, May 27, 2016

The Beginning

Yesterday was Day 1 of summer vacation.  The ending of the school year was emotional.  The Thirdlanders learned the vocabulary word "bittersweet" a few weeks ago, and they used that word all week long to describe our parting.  So dear.  We really came together as a tight knit crew this year and I read my stack of thank you cards and letters from kids and parents many times yesterday. I hope the Thirdlanders and their families know how much I appreciate all of them. We gave it all we had this year and we're all ready for a rest.

Heading to California tomorrow, so stay tuned for some fine photography here on the blog that you will soon see.

 I brought Harry the Tarantula home with me for the summer.  I was brave yesterday and cleaned Harry's tank.  I had to slip slide Harry into a tupperware container.  This was a nerve racking experience as I feared I might break one of his little legs accidentally. Come to find out, tarantulas can regenerate lost limbs.  No worries! Now Harry has a clean tank and 30 crickets to ponder and prey upon.  The crickets are loud, but Harry's good company next to my writing desk.  The official book contract from Heinemann arrived in the mail yesterday and I have my writing space and schedule set up for when I return from our dream trip.  I also just received my copy of the book KC is reading called DAILY RITUALS.  All is swell here in the Heartland.  California friends, See you soon!  (Nancer, can you take care of Harry while we're gone????)


Anonymous said...

You are a magnificent teacher and those third grade ss were so lucky to be in your classroom. Enjoy your well deserved vaccy!

PK said...

I knew I was leaving Harry in good hands when I left him with you :) Have a wonderful and restful trip to Cali. You deserve a break! KS

nancy reynolds said...

Harry and I will have a frightful time without you!

cb said...

Bittersweet is a very good word.

Have wonderful time on your dream trip and see you soon!!

kc said...

Wonderful, wonderful!! Congratulations!

mm said...

...and the fun begins.