Tuesday, November 01, 2016

The Halloween Memories

I asked my mom about trick or treating and this is what she wrote me:

When I was a kid we went out in droves and used to do mean things! One night we saw a lady left clothes out on the line and we cut the line and the son came running out and grabbed me by the back of the shirt and lifted me up. (I was dressed as a boy) and He said "Oh, you're a girl" and let me go. Another night we were "Practicing" for Halloween. We used to soap windows and a guy opened the window and pulled me into the house and said "I expect this on Halloween night but damned if I'll put up with it before!" and made me wash the soap off. Lois was with me and she got a good laugh out of that! Well I guess it's better that they go to Halloween parties today now that I'm a would be victim. but it used to be fun! Love you, Mom

I talked to my dad on the phone and he said he and his pals used to set fires in the alleys behind the homes where he trick or treated, if they didn't have treats.  I asked my dad, "What were you doing with matches?" and he just laughed.  

Things were a bit on the wilder side back in the day. It's pretty clear that I come from solid rapscallion renegade stock.  And come to find out, I've got a hankering to soap some windows this week.  


Anonymous said...

I love these stories from your parents!

Judy Williams said...

I love this story so much!! Get some more stories out of these people!!

Ms. W. said...

Laughing. "What were you doing with matches?" haha.

Good work here!

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