Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Book

I am proud to say that I finished my book club book this month.  We read The Storied Life of A.J.Fikry.  It's a good book and you should read it if you want to.

I like that the main character owned a small book store.  This is a dream of mine.  I would like to have a small store front book store called Fist of 5.  I'll only have 5 books at any time.  But these 5 will change periodically if I don't get too busy.

When you come in, you can just sit down on the comfy chairs and look over the 5 books, or you can bring in your own fist of 5 books to read.  But you can't drop off books or give me suggestions because I don't want to deal with extra books in the store.  I also don't really want to chat about the books, nor do I want to hear others chatting too much about the books, so please keep all interactions to a minimum.

I may serve Capri Suns and Ritz Crackers with the books.  Also, there would be some blank sketch books and high quality coloring pencils laying about.  A place of quiet reflection on 5 books.  If the store were to open today, I'd have AJ FIKRY, ELIGIBLE, RAIN REIGN, BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN's MEMOIR and M TRAIN featured. A nice variety.


Anonymous said...

Count me in.

mm said...

You always have great ideas.

nancy reynolds said...

Yes please

Anonymous said...

Narrowing down the book choices would be a great help for me. But Capri Suns and Ritz crackers? For reals? Not some actual food? Oh. Right. I really do need to work on tamping down that California snobbery.

mem in CA

lee said...

Just trying to keep it all really simple right now, MEM. I know my limitations all too well.

If you come to visit, I'll have a special bento box waiting for you, I promise.

lee said...
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lee said...

This bento box thing might work.
Let me explore some possibilities.

KC said...

Okay, I like this.It's fun to think about what would go in the store. I'm tempted not to tell you because you might not want to hear about it, but I don't care. Here's what I would pick from my reading list this year so far: The Thing About Jellyfish, The Hired Girl, The Underground Railroad, The Boys in the Boat, and Fangirl. I read AJ Fikry last year. Here's what I said about it: Clever and endearing. Slightly on the saccharine side of sweet.

In my store, I would probably put my blurbs up, too.