Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Son

#1 Son left.  He moved to New Orleans.  I hope he's happy and safe.  I could get myself pretty glum about this if I chose to, but I'm going to stay strong and throw long.  That's an expression I made up when I threw javelin in college.  I told the Thirdlanders that my son moved away and that I felt sad about it.  They were quiet for a bit and then a Thirdlander said, "At least you still have us."

       They're right of course.  I still have the Thirdlanders.


mm said...

I love this Thirdlander. It sounds like an excellent opportunity for #1 Son. He'll be safe, and you'll be great.

bluebirdwoman said...

So glad I got to hear #1 son play before he took off for the Big Easy. I do hope it's easy for him--to get gigs, to adjust to the new life. Will miss his live music! I'm a little sad.

Judy Williams said...

We love number 1 son. Always.

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