Saturday, August 06, 2016

The Possibilities

Our first International Baccalaureate unit is about Sharing the Planet.  We're focusing on rights and responsibilities of global citizens.  I usually spend a lot of time mucking about creating units, but this time, I'm just going to follow a Unicef unit that looks interesting.  More on that later.

 Just wanted to check in because I'm missing you, blogosphere.  School starts Monday for teachers, Wednesday for Thirdlanders.  I'm still working on chapter 4, and proceeding forward. I'm inspired by Vice President Biden's words, which I've adapted for my own purposes.  "I own the finish line.  Don't forget it. This is America.  Come on! We're America!"

Really gets you pumped up if you scream these lines repeatedly as you walk around your home.  Husbandman loves to join in as well. Give it a try. COME ON! We're America!


mm said...

I wish you the best as you enter another year of being a phenomenal teacher!

Judy Williams said...

It's gonna be a great year. I can just feel it.

KC said...

AMERICA! I think it's smart to go with the Unicef unit. You'll deliver it fabulously, and you're writing a book.

bluebirdwoman said...

A Unicef Unit--brilliant. You know you can use anything--look what you did with TFK!! Hope you had a good first few days with the kiddos.

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