Saturday, April 11, 2015

El Deafo

The problems with a Half Marathon in town are varied.  First off, I suffer from a sense of sluggosity when comparing myself to all the runners, as I am wont to do.  B, we are right inside the route, so we're basically trapped at home for the morning.  All the drivers who didn't know to stay inside are lined up outside my house, waiting and waiting for a break in the action.  It's kind of amusing to see them there.

I sensibly stayed in my jammies and decided to read and drink coffee.  First I read a New Yorker piece about innocent people who have served time for crimes they did not commit. Can't stop thinking about this piece.  I even tweeted the link.  Next I started reading the amazing El Deafo. I couldn't put it down, so I read it cover to cover in one sitting. Incredible book.  If you want to read it, I think you really should.  It's a memoir about the author's experience with deafness. Truly inspired.

This week has been stellar.  The Thirdlanders and I did quite a few cool things together and I had a lot of fun.  I told them that the goal of the week was to make sure their teacher was having fun.  They seemed okay with it.  I love this crew as you know.  I've been disorganized of late, losing teaching materials right and left.  When I'm in a jam, I ask the Thirdlanders for help.  Invariably some amazing Thirdlander comes to my rescue and finds the supplies.  Yesterday I announced, after one such rescue, "That's it!  No one is going to 4th Grade.  I can't live without you!"

Most of the Thirdlanders chortled at this, but one said, "But Dr. H., we need our education."

I guess they're right.  But I really don't know what I'll do without them.  Even though we're into a great read aloud right now, I'm going to introduce the Double Readaloud plan because I must read El Deafo to them asap.


Mary Moeller said...

I'm guessing these Thirdlanders are amazing because their teacher is amazing.

LH said...

Thx, MM. Not sure about that. These kids are really surprisingly amazing. But I accept the compliment with gratitude and grace.

Anonymous said...

Those Thirdlanders are so lucky to have you as their teacher! I hope my own little guy is lucky enough to have you one day. You rock!!

Sarah M.

LH said...

That is my dearest and sincerest hope as well!

KC said...

I love the kids. So helpful. I lost my phone today and the sixers found it. Thank The Lord.